How the Smart Valve™ works

More than water flows through your pipes — there’s also a large volume of air. Because your water meter measures only volume, it’s measuring the air as water and you’re paying for it.

Our patent-protected, next generation, Smart Valve™ compresses air inherent in the water flow as it streams past your water meter. This causes the meter to measure water only. Compressing the air out of the flow of water will instantly lower your water costs by up to 25% and possibly more.

Smart Valve™ further minimizes pressure surges and drops, extending the life of components throughout your current system. In addition, the Smart Valve™ is the ONLY valve with an easy, external calibration function, which allows for a wide range of adjustments to maintain and maximize your savings.

Once installed, the Smart Valve™ requires no ongoing maintenance, however, we recommend that one of our team members performs a calibration audit 6 months after installation.

Use our water savings calculator to estimate how much water and money you’re likely to save.

To understand more about how the Smart Valve™ works, please watch the video below.

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