The Ontario Energy Board is responsible for setting the Enbridge, Union Gas & EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership rates as well as approving the costs these utilities charge to get the natural gas to you.

The OEB set’s natural gas rates for 4 times a year. These rates are based primarily on supply and demand. Weather can have major impacts on energy prices as usage and storage are affected directly by the elements. Natural gas is the main source of heating in North America and therefore the winter months bring along with them higher gas rates.

The OEB does not set or regulate the pricing Ontario Energy Solutions can offer an Ontario business. By working with Ontario Energy Solutions, businesses can gain access to rates that have traditionally only been available to big businesses across Ontario. And because we don’t adjust our prices quarterly, your business can know it’s costs ahead of time and budget accordingly.

Ontario is on a constant quest for cleaner, more cost-effective methods to burning coal.

With our neighbours to the south quickly adopting the transition from coal power, we have also followed suit and and the natural gas price projections from the National Energy Board are reflected in the diagram on the right.

Natural gas consumption and use is on the rise; there are serious challenges within the Oil & Gas Industry. We invite you to educate yourself on the Natural Gas Industry:

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